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Every episode of ‘Friends’ is now on UK Netflix, so it can always be there for you

We thought it'd never happen...

Every episode of ‘Friends’ is now on UK Netflix, so it can always be there for you
Tom Victor
02 January 2018

We’ve hardly been lacking in the UK as far as Friends is concerned.

It has felt like the 10 seasons of the sitcom have aired on British TV every single day for the last 20 years, to the point where most of us have probably seen every episode at least once.

However, while we’re sure you’ve gone big on the show in the past, and could probably ace our ultimate Friends quiz, it’s been a while since you actually saw an episode, hasn’t it?

We don’t mean just watching five minutes while channel-hopping before flicking over to something else at the first ad break - we mean sitting down with the intention of watching the show - maybe even a specific episode, like The One That Almost Got Banned, or The One Where Ross Predicted Black Mirror.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

That’s right, every single episode of Friends is now available to Netflix subscribers in the UK and Ireland.

No more waiting for your favourite episode to air – now you can watch any season on-demand at any time; hell, watch the same episode over and over if you want to.

All 10 seasons are there, from ‘The Pilot’ to ‘The Last One’, and you just know plenty of people used their New Year’s Day hangover as an excuse to watch as much TV as possible.

It could be time to find out how well the show has aged since its 1994 debut. We suspect the answer is ‘pretty well at times, but terribly in some areas’. And that’s fine.

We finally have Friends on demand

To mark the occasion, Netflix invited fans to share their favourite quotes from the show, and the range of responses shows just how fondly folks remember Chandler…





and Ross.

(Images: NBC/Comedy Central/Rex Features)