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The latest food hybrid will give you a heart attack, but it will be worth it

Get in my mouth this instant

The latest food hybrid will give you a heart attack, but it will be worth it
05 September 2017

It is an eternal truth that one of the greatest things in this wretched life we lead is fried chicken.

I have written extensively on my love of KFC, so much so that my commitment to the art should not be doubted.

But let me shock you. I also like doughnuts.

Yes, you were probably sat there, idly scrolling down, thinking, “Yes, this guy might love the crispy, tender deliciousness of well-fried chicken, KFC or otherwise, but surely – surely – he can’t also like the soft, sweet goodness of doughtnuts as well?”

Well, you’d better believe that there is room in my heart for both.

And, there is room in my stomach for both. At the same damned time.

Yes, because the ‘dirty doughnut’ now exists, thanks to Ma’ Plucker in London’s Beak Street. They have combined fried chicken and glazed doughnuts in three amazing-sounding combinations: Elvis Fried Chicken, with peanut butter and streaky bacon served on a jam filled doughnut, Spicy Fried Chicken with jalapeño jelly, served on a honey glazed mini doughnut, and Pulled BBQ Chicken with apricot jelly, served on a smoked paprika mini doughnut.

Be still my beating heart (actually, eat enough of these and it’d be still permanently).

The three amigos, ready to fur up those arteries

They’re available as part of ‘Ma’s Dirty Birds & Doughnuts Afternoon Tea’ alongside a boozy cocktail and three mini desserts (because the doughnut isn’t enough) for £18.50 per person.

Nick Cuadrado, Culinary Director of Ma’ Plucker said: "We wanted to create something unique special that you just cannot try anywhere else in London,  I knew I wanted a super soft carrying vehicle for the mini fried chicken fillets that are super tender and juicy.

“We tried all sorts of demi brioche, soft American sweet glaze, potato rolls and even American biscuits (scones) but all were a little dense. We came up with an idea after I saw the trend in the USA for doughnut beef burgers; it’s then I questioned: would it work well for spicy fried chicken? 

“The first doughnut fried chicken we tasted brought smiles to our faces – its really shouldn’t work, from the mind’s perspective, mixing sweet and savoury, but it just works – soft, spicy, salt and sweet in one hit.”

What a line – it “brought smiles to our faces.” Like the smile of a new-born child. Only much tastier.

Can you have more of an endorsement than that? No, you cannot.

(Images: Ma’ Plucker)