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Freddo bars are finally getting cheaper again!

All those protests have worked!

Freddo bars are finally getting cheaper again!
Tom Victor
08 March 2018

Feels like everything’s more expensive these days, doesn’t it?

You used to be able to get two pints for a fiver and now it doesn’t always buy you one. You could get into a football match on the cheap, rather than having to fork out £30 for a second-tier game. And, most importantly, Freddos were 10p. No more, no less.

It was a golden age for buying sweets with shrapnel, with a choice between Freddos and Taz bars plus penny sweets which actually cost 1p.

However, we’ve had to put up with years of shrinking bars and rising prices… until now.

According to VoucherCloud, Freddos should cost 16p based on inflation since 2000, but had risen to almost double that (30p) last year.

The price rises have been seen as a symbol of broken Britain, especially given the accompanying drop in weight from 20g to 18g, and quite rightly so.

That’s especially true of the most recent rise, which was enacted after the Brexit vote, so naturally provided angry chocolate fans (that’s the people who are angry, not our jovial pal Freddo) with a scapegoat.

Thankfully, however, the tiny chocolate frog has come back down to 25p, with some of Cadbury’s Fudge, Chomp and Buttons products also getting a 5p drop.

In this time of uncertainty, we need to claim as many small victories as possible, not least because many are fearing the worst and anticipating another hike when the UK does eventually leave the European Union.

So, what are you going to spend that extra loose change on? If you buy 100 Freddos, the extra 5ps could almost get you a pint!

(Images: Cadbury)