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'Fortnite' crashed and this is the unsurprising website everyone flocked to instead

It doesn't take a genius to guess

'Fortnite' crashed and this is the unsurprising website everyone flocked to instead
18 July 2018

Fortnite - it’s that thing that you’re either obsessed with, haven’t heard of, or are vaguely aware of from the periphery, but once called “Weeknight”. You probably saw a few players at the World Cup doing that silly dance after scoring, found out it was something to do with it, and then shrugged. Whatever your stance, a hell of a lot of people are firmly in the ‘obsessed’ camp, and it’s absolutely taking over their lives.

Particularly when season 5 (yeah, this game has seasons) of the game was released last week, which caused a gigantic influx of feverish gamers to flood the servers. This overload then caused them to crash at around 9pm on July 12. Whoops.

So what did any self-respecting Fortnite-player do when they could nay play the game any more? Well, they went to the next best thing on the internet: Pornhub.

Only thing is, these defectors were specifically searching for Fortnite porn on the site (what) - look at this graph showing the spike in the search term:

That’s Fortnite searches going up 116% there, because a game broke for a bit. Game down, have wank. This is 2018.

Weirdly, Pornhub’s searches do tend to reflect what’s currently big in the pop culture world - for example, when Avengers: Infinity War hit cinemas, searches featuring members of The Avengers skyrocketed, with Black Widow coming out on top, natch. According to PH (only real fans call it PH), it’s normally the DC characters, like Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Wonder Woman that get the most searches, but what with Infinity War being this year’s biggest movie, Marvel finally got their dirty mits in on the action.

Now that the Fortnite servers are back online though, the search frequency has returned to normal, remaining in the top 20 searches, averaging over 100,000 per day.