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People are selling physical copies of free game 'Fortnite' for over £300

There's method in the madness

People are selling physical copies of free game 'Fortnite' for over £300
Tom Victor
26 June 2018

If you have eyes and ears and consume any sort of digital media, you’ll probably be familiar with Fortnite.

The survival game has been a huge hit, even more so after a free-to-play iOS version was rolled out.

It has its high-profile fans, too – not least England footballer Jesse Lingard, who celebrated his goal against Panama with a nod to the game.

An Android version of Fortnite is on its way too, giving us a new player base on top of the millions already playing the battle royale-style contests for free.

And that’s the operative word. Free. Fortnite doesn’t cost you anything to play.

So why, then, are physical copies of the game being sold for hundreds of pounds?

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According to Pedestrian, PS4 and Xbox copies of Fortnite are selling for three figures on eBay and Amazon, with a current high of $450 (around £340).

Why is this happening? Well, it’s the same reason you’ll see coins selling for far more than their ‘actual’ market value: a little thing called rarity.

Epic Games, publishers of Fortnite, aren’t making the physical copies any more – that means if you want to get your hands on one you’ll need to buy it from someone who already has a copy. Supply and demand laws mean folks are willing to pay top dollar, often in the hope their copy will fetch even more further down the line. Is this the new tulip mania? Time will tell.

In the meantime, if you just want to play Fortnite, you can still do that for free.

(Images: Epic Games)