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Here's where to find all the vending machines in 'Fortnite'


Here's where to find all the vending machines in 'Fortnite'
05 April 2018

Are you playing Fortnite? Probably, everyone is - it’s everywhere at the moment. Anyway, the colourful shooty multiplayer game was fun as it was, but that was before the latest addition. The inclusion of an object that in its real-life form, also makes everything a lot more fun - the humble vending machine. God I love a vending machine, baby.

So now there are vending machines in Fortnite, and that is good. It is good because if you find one in the game, you can swap out all your raw materials for cool weapons and health jugs and all that jazz. Only problem is, they’re hidden.

So how does one find them? You ask, time and time again, always pestering, always prodding. Well, if you’ll allow me a second to breathe, I’ll tell you. If you want to make use of the vending machines on Fortnite Island, here’s a handy map from the bods over at Fortnite Intel:

If you want to use them, all ya gotsta do is walk up to them and hold square on the PS4. If you haven’t got the required materials, then it will loop round to the next selection - you can swap wood, metal and stone for juicy loot in each one, although you generally need 500 of whatever it is you’re sticking in there.

Enjoy now being better at Fortnite - how easy was that?

Happy vending!

(Image: Epic Games)