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Football Fans Point The Way To Success

Wolves fans, take note

Football Fans Point The Way To Success
28 March 2012

Football fans are a frightfully resilient and resourceful lot. Take the long-suffering fans of German side FC Magdeburg. Not only are their side languishing at the bottom of Regionalliga Nord league (the equivalent of the Fourth Division), but their strikers are particularly goal shy. A fact not unrelated to the other.

Before last weekend’s match with Berliner AK 07 (just a digit off the best team name ever), FC Magdeburg hadn’t registered a single goal in their previous five games. So, their supporters decided the team needed a helping hand.

Or rather, a collection of luminous giant arrows pointing towards the goal. The fans also paraded banners that stated: 'Wir zeigen euch, wo das tor steht!' or 'Don't worry, chaps, we'll show you where the goal is!'

Incredibly, the humorous encouragement seemed to do the trick. After 80 minutes – and just shy of 10 hours since their last goal – American striker Chris Wright netted to send the fans into paroxysms of delight.

Alas, there was no happy ending. Berliner AK 07 scored in the final minute to register a 2-1 win.

Expect fans to bring bricks, trowels and cement to their next game so they can build an impenetrable wall in front of their own goal.

Watch the antics below.