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Classic Fleetwood Mac lineup confirms reunion tour for next year

Return of the Mac, come on

Classic Fleetwood Mac lineup confirms reunion tour for next year

The chain will keep us together – and also the promise of making loads more money playing loads of absolutely banging tunes.

The legendary act Fleetwood Mac will be touring the world once again with the full classic line-up next year, according to Christine McVie.

Keyboardist McVie and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham have been taking time out from the band to promote their duet record, the imaginatively-titled Buckingham/McVie while singer Stevie Nicks has been playing solo dates – she plays Hyde Park on 9 July.

However, the gang – McVie, Buckingham, Nicks, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood – will be getting back together for a full, comprehensive tour next year.

Christine McVie told BBC’s The One Show that plans were in place for a worldwide tour, saying: “We're going to start rehearsing in March, next year.

“The tour is around June. It will be global.”

The band’s last tour was the 2014-2015 On With The Show, and as well as Nicks seeming a little confused as to why McVie and Buckingham had chosen to record an album while she was touring solo (she told Rolling Stone in March: “I don’t understand their premise […] I wish them the best”), in January Nicks also revealed it was unlikely the band would record any new material together.

Saying she didn’t think today’s audience were prepared to pay for new music unless it was from teen artists, Nicks, 68, confirmed the band would prefer to put their energies into touring instead.

“I don’t write as many songs anymore because with the internet, the way that kids listen to music, all the streaming, and the fact that if they’re very savvy, if they want to get it and not pay for it, they can,” she told Evening Standard.

“We realise it’s not our world anymore and the younger kids don’t look at it like they’re taking from us… we don’t have the impetus to write 20 songs because we know that unless you’re under 20 you’re not going to sell many records.”

She added:  “Would you rather spend a year in the studio or get back on the road? I think that the band would choose to tour.”

We’re not sure, imagine if they managed to write another banger like this:

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Fans will also be pleased to know that in the Rolling Stone interview, she said she wouldn’t consider retiring anytime soon: “I'll never retire. My friend Doug Morris, who’s been president of, like, every record company, said to me once, ‘When you retire, you just get small’.

“Stand up straight, put on your heels, and get out there and do stuff. I want to do a miniseries for the stories of Rhiannon and the gods of Wales, which I think would be this fantastic thing, but I don't have to retire from being a rock star to go and do that. I can fit it all in.”

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