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First Secret Invasion trailer proves Marvel is back to its best

Nick Fury is back to his full dramatic strength in Marvel's upcoming espionage thriller show.

First Secret Invasion trailer proves Marvel is back to its best
Andrew Williams
03 April 2023

A new trailer for Marvel TV series Secret Invasion has dropped, and shows exactly what sort of tone to expect from this Nick Fury vehicle.

Fury has reclaimed the gravitas of the earlier Marvel movies, after appearing a bit of a goofball in 2019’s Captain Marvel.

“You’re the most wanted man on the planet,” Don Cheadle’s Rhodes tells Nick Fury at one point in the trailer, setting up where Fury sits in this series.

Here’s our take: the alien Skrulls invade the Earth. And as Fury has been working with Talos — a “goodie” Skrull, he is blamed. However, there’s a deeper conspiracy involved, with Skull agents already placed in positions of power across the world.

Secret Invasion is as much an espionage series as a Marvel superhero vehicle. That the Avengers aren’t part of the mission here is crucial to its identity. It is roughly based on a comics run from 2008-2009, but judging by the cast list, it mostly just nicks the basic premise. The comics feature a whole slew of superheroes we don’t expect to see in the TV show.

Notable side stars include Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke and Martin Freeman, who should give Secret Invasion something of a Brit flavour.

The series was created by Kyle Bradstreet, best known for the acclaimed Mr. Robot TV series. It’s due to start airing on June 21 on Disney Plus, and it's a six-episode season.

At one point in the trailer Talos says “things have gotten much worse,” to which Fury replies “why do you think I came back?” Given how wobbly the direction of Marvel’s movies seems at the moment, you have to wonder if that’s a knowing reference.

Secret Invasion is part of phase five of the MCU, and is likely to be the first TV series of the phase to see a release. The phase is already well under way in cinemas, though, thanks to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.