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There was a divorced couple on 'First Dates' and things got wild

Why? Why would you do this?

There was a divorced couple on 'First Dates' and things got wild
05 April 2018

Going on dates is stressful at the best of times, right? A lot of effort, it must be said. But, erm, going on a date with a person you have literally divorced, sitting right next to you, well, not my cup of tea I don’t think, mate.

This is what actually happened on First Dates last night. Merlin was chatting to a couple at the bar, doing his usual “What’s your name where ya come from” schtick, when they revealed that they’d actually been together for 11 years before getting divorced.

“WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT THE BAR ON A DATING SHOW THEN YOU UTTER MANIACS” Merlin did not say, but he must have thought, because this is an idea of drastically reckless proportions.

Turned out they were both going on separate dates. Yeah, the two of them were both having dinner with different people, in the same restaurant, OH YEAH and on tables next to each other. Of course they put them on tables next to each other - what other possible option could there be for this ridiculous situation?

Anyway, awkwardness doesn’t even begin to describe it:

Stupid idea. Dumb idea. Brilliant idea.

Have you ever heard anyone say “You’re joking aren’t you?” that many times in such quick succession? No you haven’t, because the asking of that question has never been warranted so much in history. It is the only reasonable response to this outer-space circumstance. “I think it’s a bit strange” is the understatement of the century.

This kind of thing would never happen in real life, and if it did, one couple would simply leave. But that’s reality TV, isn’t it - on Made In Chelsea when old Ryan has organised a lovely special anniversary meal for his girlfriend Louise but it turns out her ex and his dad are sitting at the table next to them, one duo would just leave the resturant, wouldn’t they? But they can’t, they are there to be filmed, so they have to stay, and squirm, and cry, and live through excruciating embarrassment for the amusement of the nation.

This is why First Dates is wonderful, and this is why I love it. What a beautiful episode - watch it on catch-up if you missed it, you won’t regret it.

(Image: Channel 4)