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Find a date up in the air

New scheme lets you choose your seat-mate

Find a date up in the air

Anyone who's got some vague smarts will be aware that checking in online and ensuring you have a good seat is a travel must.

But while usually you might try and pick a seat that's as far away from other people as possible (or maybe that's just us), a new service is aiming to bring plane passengers much closer together.

Dutch airline KLM are developing a tool which will allow people to choose their neighbour, by looking at their social networking profiles. Called 'meet and seat', passengers will get to peruse Facebook and LinkedIn spaces to pick out an attractive, eligible mate.

You do get the option to opt-out of allowing your personal information to be accessed by others but for potential stalkers, it's a dream come true.

It's due to launch next year, which gives us enough time to have some professional profile pictures taken. Not that we care though.

(Image: All Star)