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Sony has just delayed a ton of its big film releases

And yes, that includes Ghostbusters.

Sony has just delayed a ton of its big film releases
01 April 2020

With cinemas closed down, there's an ever-increasing list of films that aren't going to make it to the big screen on time.

We already knew that A Quiet Place 2 had been delayed, with director John Krasinksi saying it was the sort of film friends should be watching together – so we're likely to see that next year. The second instalment of Peter Rabbit met the same fate.

Other films have been rushed to video on demand – Emma, for example, only came out last month but is already available to buy on Amazon Prime, YouTube Movies and other streaming platforms.

And now, fairly unsurprisingly, there's been some more delays.

Ghostbusters, which was due to come out in July of this year, will be out almost a year from now in March 2021. Morbius, a Marvel film starring Jared Leto, is following a similar trajectory: due out at the end of July, and now hitting cinemas on the 19 July 2021.

Uncharted, starring Tom Holland, will also be delayed – it's now coming out in October next year, so quite a while to wait for that one too.

And Tom Hanks' latest vehicle, Greyhound, will be out in June next year.

With production shut down across the world, these are unlikely to be the only films hit with delays in production or release. We'll keep you updated on what's going on.