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'Far Cry 5' has just released a weirdly 'True Detective' style live action trailer

Full of sects and violence

'Far Cry 5' has just released a weirdly 'True Detective' style live action trailer
16 March 2018

Dark, foreboding, dramatic as all hell and insanely intriguing, this new live-action trailer for the upcoming Far Cry 5 feels more like something from a hot new must-see prestige action drama than earlier “Oh, whoops, I’m a werewolf”, “Hey, whoa, I’m a caveman” and “Crikey, it’s the 1980s” installments in the series. 

The game has you take on the role of a sheriff’s deputy, investigating (and trying not to get enormously killed by) a gun-toting doomsday cult as they go to war with the non-cult members of their community in order to be permitted to bring about salvation. We’ve all been there, right?


The trailer is pretty impressive, setting the up the (also impressive) game footage perfectly. See for yourself:

Interesting, right? The game has drawn controversy in certain circles (mostly quite, er, xenophobic circles) for what has been interpreted as “portraying American Christians as the enemy” - there was a petition calling to change it so the baddies were more, you know, different. In these days of Brexit, Trump, vile white supremacist attacks, increases in racial and religiously motivated violence and the whole word feeling like it’s on the brink of turning into one big eye-scratching nut-stomping scrap, it’s possibly ended up looking more topical than developers Ubisoft expected or intended. 

Far Cry 5 is out on 28 March. Call in sick/really tired on 29 March.

(Image: Ubisoft)