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Fantasy Football players can take advantage of a huge gamechanger next season

This changes everything

Fantasy Football players can take advantage of a huge gamechanger next season
11 July 2017

If you’re anything like us, your fantasy league efforts came crashing to a halt sometime between October and December.

In all likelihood you had a bad week and lost ground on your mates, before attempting a hail-mary to bring yourself back into contention.

When that failed – and who could have predicted Wilfried Bony failing to go on a blistering goalscoring run? (spoiler: everyone) – you gave up, letting your squad lay dormant until May.

If only, instead of compromising with a couple of changes after using your wildcard, you could have ripped it all up and got an entirely new squad while waiting for your star players to return from injury or suspension. Well now you can.

Yeah OK, I made a mistake

The Premier League has literally changed the game for 2017/18 season, bringing in its new ‘Free Hit’ chip.

It allows you to make unlimited changes to your squad for one week, and one week only – after the games have been played, you’ll revert back to the squad you had before. Yes, you can make a full 15 changes if you so choose.

That means you can bring in unlimited players for a double gameweek without being stuck with them for the long haul. Oh, and you still keep your wildcard for when you really need it.

'Arry loves the new rules

‘Where’s the catch?’ we hear you cry. Well, Free Hit has replaced the ‘All-Out Attack’ chip. But no one really cared about that anyway – it didn’t really work.

You’ll be able to pick your fantasy football team later this week. Time to get to work on those team name puns.

(Images: Rex Features/Fantasy Premier League)