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Here's how much more expensive your train tickets are going to be next year

More bad news for commuters

Here's how much more expensive your train tickets are going to be next year

There are a few sacred British traditions that will probably be with us until the end of time: chatting about the weather, drinking an inordinate number of hot drinks in 24 hours andq, of course, complaining about trains.

Although a beautiful, scenic locomotive trip can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, the reality for most of us is that trains are usually crammed to the gills, unbearably unreliable and entirely overpriced.

So hold onto your hats, commuters, because we’ve just found out how much more expensive your train tickets are going to be next year.

According to the Railway Delivery Group, train fares will increase on average by 3.1% next year.

Paul Plummer, Chief Executive of the Rail Delivery Group, which brings together train companies and Network Rail, said: “Nobody wants to pay more to travel, especially those who experienced significant disruption earlier this year.

“Money from fares is underpinning the improvements to the railway that passengers want and which ultimately help boost the wider economy. That means more seats, extra services and better connections right across the country.”

The average overall increase includes all national rail fares and will come into effect on 2nd January 2019.

This increase comes despite a year of rail chaos for money, especially in the north of England.

According to the BBC, the rise means another £100 for a Manchester to Liverpool annual season ticket.

RMT union general secretary Mick Cash called the announcement “another kick in the teeth for passengers on Britain’s rip-off privatised railways” and pointed out that it means UK passengers will pay the highest fares in Europe.

“That is nothing short of a disgrace,” he added.

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