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Someone has edited all of the Marvel Phase One movies into one TV show that you can watch

Watch it all! Again!

Someone has edited all of the Marvel Phase One movies into one TV show that you can watch

So far there have been 20 Marvel movies set in the MCU, and they’ve all been leading up to Avengers 4, which we, and obviously you, cannot wait for. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Anyway, ‘Phase One’ of the MCU, which led up to the first Avengers movie, consisted of six movies - perhaps the most important ones, seeing as they mostly served as an introduction to the superheroes we know and love today.

But hey, six movies is 12 and a half hours worth of stuff, right there - that’s a lot of time. And if you fancied catching up on them before Avengers 4 (they seem a distant, forgotten memory now, so we don’t blame you) then it’s a mighty undertaking.

It’s good then, that a film editor by the name of Samuel Masters has edited them all down into one 12-episode ‘TV season’, to make binging them a tad easier. It now all clocks in at just 480 minutes, by trimming the fat and keeping the essentials locked in.

Robert Downey Jr in 2008’s Iron Man

AND YOU CAN BLOODY WELL WATCH IT IF YOU LIKE, TOO. Simply head on over to Masters’ site here, and all of them are available to download. Not sure how long it’ll be before some Disney executive comes sniffing around and it’s all taken down though, so grab ‘em while you can. Meanwhile, ‘Phase Two’ is promised in early 2019.


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