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One of the UK's busiest stations is being turned into a homeless shelter this Christmas

They'll be given Christmas meals and shelter from the cold

One of the UK's busiest stations is being turned into a homeless shelter this Christmas

Many of us have had the same struggles traveling to and from London around Christmas, but it seems the usual transport lockdown will be used as a force for good this year.

Transport links around the country are non-existent on Christmas Day and limited on the days either side, meaning some of the biggest stations are left effectively empty.

Or at least they were left empty until this year, when volunteers – along with Network Rail – figured out an alternative use of one of the country’s biggest hubs.

Euston station in North London

Euston station is one of the busiest in London, with more than 40 million people estimated to pass through every year.

It is the main route out of London for those travelling to the North West, while London Underground and Overground lines also run out of the station.

However, on Christmas Day, it will be turned into a temporary shelter for approximately 200 of the capital’s homeless people.

Euston is becoming a homeless shelter for Christmas Day

It’s all down to a partnership between homelessness charity St Mungo’s, grassroots service Streets Kitchen, and Network Rail itself.

The 200 guests have been invited by Network Rail’s two partners, and will arrive at 11am on Christmas Day to a station decked in Christmas decorations, with a full Christmas dinner laid on.

It’s fully backed by volunteers, who have donated both food and time to help the cause.

Jon Glackin of Streets Kitchen, which feeds 1,000 people on the streets every week, said: “This is a shining example of local businesses, community groups and individuals coming together at Christmas in solidarity to assist others in need over Christmas.”

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