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Eminem is making a spoof film about rap battles - watch the trailer here

So, Scary Movie 3, basically

Eminem is making a spoof film about rap battles - watch the trailer here
03 August 2017

Eminem has already made one movie – 8 Mile – and it was top, top stuff. Really good, if you ask me, and Em himself was so impressive, I thought it might usher in a new side-career as a movie star. But no, apart from appearing as himself in a couple of movies and TV shows, he hasn’t really done much else in the film industry.

Until now, of course (why else would I be writing this article), because he’s producing a spoof battle rap comedy movie called Bodied. The film is written by battle rapper Kid Twist and directed by Joseph Kahn. Unfortunately, Joseph Kahn is not very good at directing movies – his last film, Detention, was genuinely one of the most unbearable films I’ve ever seen. I was in the cinema and I purposefully fell asleep half way through so that I wouldn’t have to endure any more of it. He is the snapchat filter of film directors – his film was essentially a 90 minute meme.

So, yeah, not excited about this one now, and the trailer pretty much confirms my fears – it is extremely annoying:

See? Annoying. Very annoying.

Either way, the film, which will explore race relations in music, features rappers Dizaster, Dumbfounded, Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don, as well as appearances from Anthony Michael Hall, Charlamagne Tha God, Callum Worthy, Debra Wilson and Rory Uphold.

Its first showing will be at the Toronto film festival next month, where it will presumably go down well, just like Detention did at the film festival I was at, because everybody is an idiot, everywhere, all the time.

(Image: Rex)