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How to make the breakfast dessert pasta from Elf

Boil pasta. Add sauce. Lots of chocolate and syrup. Vomit.

How to make the breakfast dessert pasta from Elf

It contains two of the main elf food groups (candy and syrup), approximately two million calories and, if you’re not careful, actual diabetes.

But now you too can *enjoy* the sugar-laden dessert pasta Will Ferrell’s lovable dimwit Buddy cooks up in Elf.

Thanks to Binging With Babish – a YouTube cooking channel that recreates delicious (and/or slightly peculiar) dishes from your best-loved movies and TV shows – the calorific meal made famous in the 2003 Christmas film now has an entirely unofficial, yet surprisingly refined, recipe.

You can watch the full how-to in the video below but, in a nutshell:

Boil spaghetti until al dente, add to bubbling sauce with butter and oil, then “Buddy up” your dish with chocolate chips, M&Ms, a whole Pop Tart, maple syrup, caramel sauce and, of course, lashings of chocolate sauce.

And if you’ve spent the past 13 years in eager anticipation as to whether Buddy uncovered a little-known taste sensation, wonder no more.

It is truly revolting. Or, as host Andrew Rea puts it, “far and away the most disgusting thing, not only I’ve ever made for this show, but I’ve ever made in my life.”

Who knew? Tomato sauce, starchy carbs and four kinds of chocolate don’t go together after all.

(Pic: All Star)