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Ed Sheeran's reign is over: Bradley Walsh is coming back with a new album

Brad's going to show us how it's done

Ed Sheeran's reign is over: Bradley Walsh is coming back with a new album
04 April 2017

If you thought that Ed Sheeran’s runaway chart success would be the big musical story of the year then you were sorely mistaken.

Move aside ginger prince of inoffensive acoustic-pop-rap because the king, the big dog – the biggest-selling debut album artist of 2016 no less – is back in town.

And who be that? Well, none other than Bradley bloody Walsh of course.

His first album Chasing Dreams (he presents The Chase – geddit?) was the most successful UK debut last year, beating the likes of One Direction’s Zayn, Blossoms and Jack Garratt who could only stand and try and catch their breath in the slipstream of the Walsh.

As you can see from the picture above, he has seamlessly made the transition from light entertainer and game show host to A-list rock and roll star. He also went to the Brit Awards and became best mates with Stormzy, telling us that the duo would be collaborating. 

“Yeah, me and Stormzy, we’re going to do an album,” Walsh explained. “We’re going to do an album of Nelson Riddle arrangements…in grime form. It’s going to be called ‘Griddle’.

Now it’s been confirmed that Sony will be releasing the ‘difficult second album’ this autumn and fans are being encouraged, in these social media ‘engagement’ times, to help #PickASongForBradley by visiting this website and putting your suggestion in.

If your song is picked, you’ll be entered into a raffle for the chance to meet Bradley and watch him record the track in the studio; a once-in-a-lifetime chance (unless they run this again on album three) to watch a musical legend at work. Just don’t look into his eyes while he’s recording his vocals, his concentration is said to be so intense it’s like staring directly into the sun.

Bradley came out from his gold rock palace to tell a crowd of thousands: "I was absolutely thrilled at the response of the first album. It was so much fun to work on I had to have another go at a second and the thought of having fans help choose tracks means that, in a way, they get to work on it too which is brilliant!"

In honour of their own comeback, and to continue the successful theme of album one, we’d like to suggest the following, Brad.

[Image: Rex]