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Earn a year's salary by looking at PornHub

You're going to need to know something about web security though

Earn a year's salary by looking at PornHub

Hands up who wants $25,000 (£17,263) for having a poke (oh grow up) around PornHub?

We should clarify, you're not just there for a casual perusal through its more unusual categories - the adult entertainment site is offering rewards ranging from $50 to $25,000 for security experts (or plucky amateurs) to find security bugs in the site's system.

"You will qualify for a reward only if you are the first person to responsibly disclose an unknown issue," outlines the site's 'Bug Bounty' programme. "The Pornhub security team has 30 days to respond to the report, and up to 90 days to implement a fix based on the severity of the report."

So long as the cyber sleuths don't disclose their freshly identified security bugs to the wider public, Pornhub will pay a reward "depending upon the severity of the vulnerability reported". You can find the full details of the reward scheme here.

It's not unusual for large web services to offer bug bounties: both Google and Instagram have made headlines in recent months after users were rewarded for discovering faults in their security. 'White hat' hackers (hackers who use their computer knowledge for good rather than stealing stuff - they don't wear hats though) can be hugely useful for web services looking to keep abreast of the latest security exploits.

We'd imagine that Pornhub won't struggle attracting interested researchers to its site - as to whether they'll maintain their concentration to find any security flaws is another matter.

[Via: HackerOne]