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Drake's dad just released his first music video and it's better than everything Drake's ever done

Outta the way son, pappa's coming through

Drake's dad just released his first music video and it's better than everything Drake's ever done
07 August 2017

Drake’s OK, isn’t he? Coupla decent tunes here, coupla boring, samey songs there – but all in all, I like him. Also ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ is one of the greatest songs of all time, so props for that, always and forever.

But, erm, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s looking to muscle in on Drake’s patch. And from the strength of his first single, it looks like he’s set up a pretty solid foundation.

Oh yeah, did I mention that this young upstart is Drake’s dad? That’s probably quite important to mention: yeah, Drake Snr is now a certified recording artist. Even better, his debut track is an unbelievable stonk-house of a heffer. It is so, so good. Like, a legit, authentic, 100% no take-backs banger.

Just cop your eyes and ears on this one:


That’s Dennis Graham there, with ‘Kinda Crazy’, a top-shelf, shimmering R&B funk track, the likes of which just don’t exist anymore. Until now, of course.

And the video? He’s on a throne mate. And he’s absolutely rocking a full on white suit in a way that you would never, ever be able to do, even your own dreams would not allow it because you’re not as cool as Drake’s dad.

Dennis has been a singer for a while, and was locally famous in Houston back in the day, but this is his first “proper” track – or at least the first one on Spotify, anyway.

What a surprise, though – your Dad is very embarrassing, just imagine if he’d made a music video? Dads don’t make music videos because they end up like this:

But not Drake’s dad – he makes stone-cold jams, the likes of which your dad would sell his lawnmower to make. Ridiculous.

So I think, to sign off, I’ll leave it to the fountain of truth that is the YouTube comments section to sum up this wonderful discovery:

Yes, yes it is.

(Image: Rex)