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Donald Trump's Twitter account just went down for the most excellent reason

Finally, a rest from his nonsense

Donald Trump's Twitter account just went down for the most excellent reason

Well, it was brief, but it was nice while it lasted.

For 11 glorious minutes, just before 11pm GMT on Thursday, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was gloriously, mercifully, wonderfully silenced.

If you attempted to visit @realdonaldtrump, this was the hauntingly beautiful sight that greeted you:

Sadly, those 11 minutes were all too brief, with the account being restored soon enough. But just what had caused the outage? Twitter’s Government account announced that an investigation had begun:

And, two hours later, the results of that investigation were announced.

And it revealed that we have a new hero in our midst.

That’s right. “Last day at work at Twitter, want to go out with a bang, they can’t fire me - I’m already going! Hmmm, what shall I do? How about ‘the world a massive favour?’”

Whoever you are, brave one, you have our respect.

Despite claiming, in November, when asked about whether he would use social media if he became president that he would be “very restrained, if I use it at all” - hey, whaddya know, another big fat lie - in the last year he’s used it to threaten nuclear war, praise Vladimir Putin, abuse female journalists and, most recently, threaten to derail the legal case against last weekend’s New York terrorist by calling for the death penalty.

Now, if anyone else planning on leaving Twitter could do the job a bit more permanently next time, that would be hugely appreciated.

*UPDATE*: Donald Trump has now tweeted (obviously) about the outage:

Yeah, we were expecting something a bit more exciting than that too, oh well, we’re sure he’ll tweet a death threat or something again soon.

(Image: Rex)