Bet you can't find the dog in this three-letter wordsearch


A word search with three letters is driving the internet potty. Try though they might, they just can’t find their ‘dog’.

Originally uploaded in 2013, the imgur post resurfaced on Reddit over the weekend, with the easy-sounding quiz taking a disproportionately long time to master.

Feel free to have a go yourself, though be advised it is not suitable for the easily irritated or emotionally fragile.

Ready? Set. Find that dog.

No? Us neither.

But wait, before you cry foul, we promise it’s not a trick. There is a dog in the picture. And it’s not the one underneath, honest.

Sorry, ‘DOOG’ doesn’t count. Nor does ‘GOG’. Or ‘GOOD’. Yes we know it’s a word, but it’s not a ‘DOG’, is it?

Give up? We did. Here it is...

Feel better? Us neither.

Told you it was infuriating. 

(Pic: iStock)