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Thank you, Chuck Norris: The 'Dodgeball' cast have reunited for a surprise mini-sequel

Watch it here

Thank you, Chuck Norris: The 'Dodgeball' cast have reunited for a surprise mini-sequel

Dodgeball was good, wasn’t it. Nice time at the movies, you might say. Funny stuff happened. A big old laugh at the pictures. Especially that bit with the funny lady with the big eyebrows, what a card she was!

Anyway, because it is now 2017, and things that existed now have to exist again in a different form, Dodgeball now has a sequel.

Sort of.

It has a very short sequel. This is the reason you can watch it all for free on this here inter “net”. The good/bad thing about it is that you can’t make fun of it because it’s for charity. Here’s the vid:

Essentially, that’s Stiller, Vaughn et al inviting you to actually play a game of dodgeball with them. Pledge a bit of cash to the Stiller Foundation, which provides educational opportunities to children all around the world, and you could be in for a pretty fancy prize.

Or this, basically:

“Ben Stiller wants you to grab a ball. Join Team Globo Gym – or Average Joe’s, if losing is your thing – as they face off on the dodgeball court for one final showdown. Strap on your kneepads, hike up your shorts and put on your sweatband. It’s rematch time and you’re on the squad. Goodman and the guys will train you to throw wrenches and dodge blindfolded with the best. The competition is fierce this time and you’re going to need to step it up. Get outfitted in custom-made team t-shirts and let the balls fly. After the game (aka, after the Purple Cobras dominate), you’ll take a team photo together so you can remember the time you crushed Average Joe’s once and for all. Then, you and Ben will grab some pizza to celebrate. Flights and hotel are on us.”

If you don’t win, you’ll still end up with a bunch of exclusive Dodgeball merchandise and all that lark. Oh, and you’ll actually help the world in some way, which really should be enough.

If you want to enter, then hover that little arrow on your screen over the word “here”, then click, and you’ll be transported to another website where you will be required to complete a few more arrow-hover-click maneuvers before boarding a plane to Ben Stiller’s house immediately.

Now as they say in America: “Good luck!”

(Image: YouTube)