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Doctor Who could be set for biggest-ever shake up with old Doctor returning

It's pinch of salt time, folks.

Doctor Who could be set for biggest-ever shake up with old Doctor returning
Marc Chacksfield
24 January 2022

The search for a new Doctor Who is big news and pretty much on a par with who is set to play 007 but the latest rumor suggests that we could be seeing a very familiar face back as The Doctor.

Much like the way Sean Connery made a reappearance as Bond after George Lazenby's 'one and done' stint as the spy, David Tennant is tipped to return as The Doctor, teaming up with Russel T Davies who is once more the showrunner of the sci-fi series.

While it seems unlikely that Tennant would return, the news was posted on a Doctor Who Facebook fan page, suggesting that a 'BBC source' has revealed that Tennant would be back. Tennant was the 10th Doctor and played the character for five years, from 2005-2010. He took over from Christopher Eccleston who had one superb series on the show, helping to reboot the thing.

The news was initially picked up by The Plymouth Herald and now reported by The Sun, Doctor Who TV and other news sites, but it's completely unconfirmed whether Tennant will be returning but he is certainly a popular choice.

Most popular Doctor

In our best Doctor Who list, which has had nearly 10,000 votes, David Tennant is the number one choice with his successor Matt Smith, in second place. Current Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker is down in 13th place but the votes for and against her are pretty balanced. If you look at just the upvotes, then she would be just outside the top 5.

Doctor Who is going through a massive regeneration after the end of the special episodes that are to air in 2022. Current showrunner Chris Chibnall will be replaced by Russell T Davies, with his first episode landing on a very special date - the 60th anniversary of the character.

Will we see David Tennant back as Doctor Who? Well, he certainly will have the fans backing but this is very much in early rumor stages right now.

Personally, if they are going to go down this route we would love to see a whole series filled with past actors who have played Doctor Who, not just Tennant.