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Did Scotland Yard Cover-Up A Serial Killer On The London Underground?

Did Scotland Yard Cover-Up A Serial Killer On The London Underground?

Did Scotland Yard Cover-Up A Serial Killer On The London Underground?
27 July 2015

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A former Scotland Yard detective has claimed that a 1970s serial killer who murdered his victims by pushing them onto the tracks of the London Underground had his crimes covered up by the famed Flying Squad.

Ex-detective Geoff Platt makes the allegations in a new book on the subject which somewhat sensationally claimed the London police force brushed over the killings to avoid mass hysteria, despite the fact the killer actually confessed to the crimes.

According to Platt, the murder-spree was committed by convicted killer Kiernan Kelly, a man with a record of committing dangerous drunken acts of violence.

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Kelly later went on to murder his cellmate after being annoyed by his snoring following being sent to prison having been caught drunk and disorderly.

Cellmate William Boyd was knocked to the floor by Kelly before being strangled with a pair of socks. It was in the aftermath of this incident that Platt met Kelly for the first time and heard the subsequent confession.

As reported by MailOnline, Platt said: “He was loaded with adrenaline, he was loaded with testosterone, he couldn’t stop talking and he came out and started telling everything.

“We actually started to think it was b*****s. There was a certain caution in some respects.”

Afterwards Platt who served in the police force for 24 years, including a stint in the Flying Squad, was ordered to investigate the claims and found a startling amount of reported suicides on the underground that Kelly was present at.

“What immediately came to notice was that there were a number of people who jumped off the platform into the Northern Line.”

“But what especially smacked you in the face was that every time someone jumped on the track… Kelly was next to him.”

Top brass at Scotland Yard allegedly made the decision to not inform the public in effort to avoid mass panic and copycat killings.

“They didn’t want people knowing a serial killer got away with pushing innocent people on to the tracks, they’d be afraid it could happen again.” Said Platt.

Further adding: “It was a cover up… Think about it, the police don’t want it getting out – there would be mass panic.”

Kelly had previously been accused of brutally murdering two homeless people several years prior to the William Boyd murder, and was known to police as violent vagrant who disliked other members of the homeless community.

EDIT: Since originally published, London police are now seriously looking into the case. Met Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan has admitted that the story "sounded quite convincing' and both the British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police are now in conversations with Geoff Platt to get to the bottom the case.


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