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Devon's stunning mechanical watches

Devon's stunning mechanical watches

Devon's stunning mechanical watches

There's a crude guide for telling how much someone has spent on a watch. If you can read the time at a glance, it's probably not going to be passed on in a will. If, as in the case of Devon's mechanical timepieces, you're left gaping at its face, struggling to understand what's going on - it's probably worth quite a lot.

This LA-based watchmaker doesn't have time for conventional movements, hands or faces, preferring instead a unique (and bewildering) "time belt" system.

In the Tread 1, seen above, minutes trundle along on two diagonal belts, hours on horizontal strip, with the time indicated by the numbers' appearance in small windows - 10:09 shown here.

Tread 2 is a little more straightforward, looking not unlike an analogue version of a digital watch face.

Devon's newest piece ups the elegance further still: the RGM Mechanical Watch sees hours run horizontally across a curved sectioned casement, with minutes running down the central divide. Set to be formally unveiled at next year's Baselworld watch show, you can expect the price tag to make a significant dent in your life savings.

(Images: Devon)

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