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David Beckham models his new H&M range, puts mankind to shame

Someone needs to put them in a movie together

David Beckham models his new H&M range, puts mankind to shame
15 September 2016

This just in: David Beckham looks amazing at 41 years of age.

OK, so it's not groundbreaking news, but everyone loves a new picture of Golden Balls dressed to the nines, especially when he's in a desert with actor/comedian Kevin Hart. 

The new David Beckham H&M collection is entitled Modern Essentials and will be released 29 September, where the retired footballer has chosen his key styles for every man’s wardrobe, with the highest price point being £100 for a double breasted black coat. So it doesn't matter if you can't quite flex the financial muscle of Becks and Hart, there should still be plenty for you to snap up.

35 degrees out...better put on a coat
After this shot was taken the bike fell over and broke...some say David is still out in the desert eating roadkill
New game: pompadour or windswept?
So extreme squinting is in for AW16, write that down
We don't even have anything funny to say about this shot, I'm 26 and I already look older than him
Kevin pulling a strop because David won't let him have a go
"I hope Victoria is making fish fingers tonight"
"No, you change"