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Does this super dark 'Star Wars' theory explain what happened to Rey's parents?

Is this a case of parricide?

Does this super dark 'Star Wars' theory explain what happened to Rey's parents?
13 November 2018

Just who exactly is Rey – the character portrayed by Daisy Ridley in the Star Wars universe – and where did she come from?

This lingering doubt about the scavenger from Jakku is one of the most interesting remaining mysteries in the George Lucas-created franchise and, after appearing in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, we still don’t know what happened to Rey’s parents.

There are plenty of theories about Rey’s mom and pop, including:

1. Rey is actually Han and Leia’s daughter, and Kylo Ren’s sister
2. Luke is actually Kylo Ren’s father
3. Rey is a clone

But perhaps the darkest theory of all was posted to Reddit’s r/starwarsspeculation just days ago – and it essentially suggests that Rey is a cold-blooded killer.

“Was just watching TLJ last night and caught a line I hadn’t seen anyone mention, Kylo talking about Rey’s parents: ‘they’re dead in a paupers’ grave in the jakku dessert,’” says u/fromanuneasysea.

“Now, he’s sure implying that with a lot of certainty, but as far as we know, the last Rey saw of her parents was them flying away in a ship (if that WAS her parents in that ship and not someone else)… how does Kylo know that they are dead?

“Well, maybe one of the big twists in episode IX is that Rey pulled that ship down with the force… she blocked it out, but now that she has met Kylo, she realizes she also killed her parents and is not so different than him, this is part of what brings them closer in TLJ, but we are not made privy to this detail of their memory exchange.”

Parricide – the killing of one’s parents – is, of course, an important theme in Star Wars lore so, as messed up as this theory is, we might well end up seeing this scenario play out.

We’ll hopefully get more answers about Rey when Star Wars Episode IX hits UK cinemas on 19 December, 2019. 

(Image: Star Wars)