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Someone's worked out how much it's costing Daenerys to get her army to Westeros

Take a guess, quadruple it, and you still won't be close

Someone's worked out how much it's costing Daenerys to get her army to Westeros
06 July 2017

In just over a week’s time, after what feels like a lifetime’s wait, we are finally (probably) going to see Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons roll onto the shores of Westeros, where they’ll begin their murderous charge towards King’s Landing and the Iron Throne she’s absolutely certain she’s entitled to. About. Bloody. Time.

But when the credits rolled on season six and we gazed upon sweeping shots of Khaleesi’s enormous naval fleet, there was one question on absolutely nobody’s everyone’s lips: exactly how much would all this cost?

You may have been wondering why it has taken roughly 60 hours for Dany and the gang to leave neighbouring Essos for where the real action is, but it turns out they had a fair bit of cash to raise.

The inquisitive minds at 1st Move International took a deep dive into the Game of Thrones subreddit and various other sources to get decent idea of exactly who was on the boats, and then got to work calculating the transportation costs of the army. Dragons weren’t factored in because they, you know, fly.

Here’s what they came up with.

This is all, obviously, just a rough estimation, but you can’t knock the research. They based the size and weight of each soldier on Jacob Anderson and Jason Momoa, who play Greyworm and the extremely dead Khal Drogo in the show. That meant both the Unsullied and the Dothraki were accounted for. 

The also considered the real-life actors who play Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys and the rest of the Royal Council, and turned to specialist forums to price up the weaponry.

According to their data, they’d need 800,000kg of hay each day just to feed the many horses. At a grand total of £174,539,250, this isn’t a budget invasion, but as 1st Move International point out, they could always flog one of those humongous fire-breathing beasts if it doesn’t work out in Westeros.