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Cut Price Prime Deal! This high-end Philips shaver is at its lowest price of 2023

Shave faster, and with much less skin irritation - get a cut-price deal now.

Cut Price Prime Deal! This high-end Philips shaver is at its lowest price of 2023
Andrew Williams
12 July 2023

As part of Prime Day you can currently snag a Philips Series 7000 shaver for £185 less than you’d pay direct from Philips right now.

This high-end shaver sits right near the top of the Philips range, with all the features you need to get a close shave without skin irritation or time-wasting.

45 steel blades sit under the three pivoting shaver heads, and as they are self-sharpening there are no worries about longevity here.

Like all the best shavers of this design, the Philips Shaver 7000 automatically conforms to your face. The top part of the body pivots, as do the little trio of shaver heads.

This is part of Philips’s SkinIQ tech, designed to modify the shaver’s behaviour to your skin and beard.

In the box you also get the charging stand and a cleaning pod designed to flush out the heads with no effort, plus a carry case.

The Philips Series 7000 shaver’s RRP is £319, and this deal chops off a mammoth 58% to bring the price down to £133/$135. While the shaver typically sells for less than its original cost over at Amazon, this is comfortably the cheapest it has been since the 2022 Christmas sales.

If you have even more to spend you might also want to consider the Phillips Series 9000 at £199, down from £549. It’s a similar design, but has coming up for double the number of blades, 72, and a more advanced display that shows the charge level as a percentage.

Unmissable upgrades? Not for everyone, and we think you'll be more than happy with the Philips Series 7000 shaver deal below.

For UK buyers:

58% off
58% off
Philips Shaver Series 7000 Dry and Wet Electric Shaver
£132, was £320
This might just be the sweet spot for shavers, with a comfortable glide and, thanks to Prime Day, an appealing price.
Buy now from Amazon

For US buyers:

19% off!
19% off!
Philips Norelco S7782/85 Shaver 7700
$135.91 - WAS $167.80
It's Philips in the UK, Philips Norelco in the US, but these two shavers are evenly matched in terms of features and specs.
Buy now from Amazon