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Craft beer radio anyone? It's time to swap ABV for DAB

It sounds just as good as its contents once tasted

Craft beer radio anyone? It's time to swap ABV for DAB
Danielle de Wolfe
24 October 2019

We thought nothing could please us more than craft beer-related news… that was until we discovered one Scottish craft brewery had joined forces with an audio brand to create truly unique radios using old beer barrels.

Granted, you may think it sounds like a bit of an odd crossover, but one look at the devices and suddenly the world seems to make sense.

Released as part of collaborative platform called Project Ampersand, the crossover between brewer Innis & Gunn and audio maker Revo aims to celebrate the story of ‘The Original’ bourbon barrel-aged beer.

“I think for many people, ourselves included, there’s a strong connection between music and beer so it wasn’t difficult to draw parallels between what we do and what Innis & Gunn do,” notes David Baxter, CEO of Revo.

The design features a black anodised aluminium front that contrasts with the light grain of the oak barrel staves. Each radio is unique due to the natural variation in the wood grain, adding a one-off edge to a radio housing that perfectly blends the new with the old.

Craft beer radio anyone? It's time to swap ABV for DAB

“It’s been so interesting to see how each of our partners has chosen to interpret the Original, and the way Revo have applied it to their Superconnect is honestly just really cool,” notes David Moule, senior brand manager at Innis & Gunn.

“It looks amazing but more importantly it sounds fantastic, and each one is a truly unique. It’s fair to say they’ve nailed the spirit of the project.”

Needless to say, it’s a beer worth celebrating, particularly given The Original is the most awarded bottled beer in Scotland and a six-time Grand Gold winner at the world-renowned Monde Selection.

And if the design wasn’t already unique enough, each Revo radio is also laser etched with the coordinates of the yard where the wooden staves were sourced, adding an additional personal edge to each unit.

As you’d expect, there are a limited number of these beautiful designs available, so we suggest you pop your Christmas order in a little early.

The radio is priced at £499.95 and is available from the Revo site.

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