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Could this be the wristwatch of the future?

It doesn't shoot laser beams, but it is sleek and stylish

Could this be the wristwatch of the future?
05 September 2016

Will the future of timekeeping be beamed right into our mind via telepathy or will it be through a high-calibre watch inspired by aeronautics and motoring? The first would be cool, but we're hoping for the latter if it's going to look anything like this Concept Watch.

Digital designer Germain Baillot has given us a glimpse into the future with these images of a potential watch that boasts an adjustable dial depending on the city and the time zone you're in, which also allows you to check the time in several cities at the same time.

All this great tech combined with its silver and rose gold colourways with red detailing makes it one of the sleekest and most advanced concept timepieces we've seen. So let's hope the alarm goes off and this dream is brought into reality.