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Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon team up to issue hilarious response to Trump

The three talk show hosts joined together to form a MEGA-talk show host

Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon team up to issue hilarious response to Trump
27 June 2018

Trump has declared some sort of war on just about everyone by now, hasn’t he? Probably you, at some point, specifically you - you just don’t know it yet. Anyway, his latest target is two of America’s most popular talk show hosts - Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

At a rally recently he said of Jimmy:

“He looks like a lost soul. But you know what? He’s a nice guy. I agreed to do his show, and because I guess I was running at the time, he got tremendous ratings on that show. Killed everybody, right? He should be thankful. He shouldn’t be upset and angry.

“A year and a half, two years later, he is now apologising because he humanised me. And he really hurt himself.”

He also, naturally, took to Twitter to castigate the talk show host, who recently spoke of his regret at his infamous ‘ruffling’ of Trump’s hair on his show in 2016, a move which many claimed humanised him, or at least made him look harmless, aiding his election chances.

At the rally, he also said of Colbert:

“The guy on CBS, what a lowlife. Honestly, are these people funny? And I can laugh at myself. 

“Frankly if I couldn’t I would be in big trouble. But they have not talent. They are not talented people. Johnny Carson was talented.”

So, Fallon and Colbert responded (with a little help from someone else):

Now these guys are rivals, if we boil it down, so getting them all to team up and use the video on each other’s shows (apart from Conan, which is on hiatus this week) is a fresh move. Guess it shows how much everyone seems to be united against the president.

In the sketch, Fallon and Colbert call each other by the user names “Lowlife” and “Lost Soul” and Conan expresses his dismay to find out that Trump is actually president. They then decide to go to dinner at Red Hen, which is the Virginia restaurant that recently asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave. BURN!

It’s tough to have a go at famously funny people, because chances are their response will be better than yours. Just a tip.

(Image: YouTube)