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Complete Dry January with the help of these 'mood enhancing' zero-abv spirits

Level up with this plant power.

Complete Dry January with the help of these 'mood enhancing' zero-abv spirits
Holly Pyne
08 January 2020

Dry January can be a real challenge, especially when all your friends are still down the pub every Friday and Saturday night.

However, non-alcoholic spirits are a great option for those of you who are already fed up of drinking lemonade - and drinks brand Senser has clearly taken this idea and run with it.
Not only do their spirits have an ABV of 0%, they also claim they have ‘mood-enhancing’ capabilities.
There are three bottles in the newly-launched collection - Power, Love and Joy - and Senser says that each expression contains a blend of botanicals, which should bring out the feeling named on the label.
Drawing on wisdom from ancient traditions (along with the best of modern science), founder Vanessa Jacoby said she wanted to give those who don’t drink more options, and help them “feel like part of the party” without alcohol.
The spirit Power contains a blend of 19 plants including bay, clove and chilli designed to make those who drink it to “evoke a state of calm, confidence and grounded presence”.
Love instead claims it will produce “a state of relaxed serenity” thanks to a blend of botanicals such as rose petals, caraway and liquorice.
Finally, Joy is meant to “clear the mind, energise the body and raise the spirit” with the help of orange peel, ginger and aloe.
And for those who have to avoid certain food groups, you’ll be pleased to know that Senser’s drinks contain no sugar, caffeine, or gluten and are suitable for vegans.

Priced at £25 per 50cl bottle, the drinks are available to buy online or, if you prefer to buy in person, in Harrods.