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Church's Brogues With Compound Sole

Traditional shoemaker casts aside conservatism

Church's Brogues With Compound Sole
07 August 2011

Reinterpreting a design classic can be a risky business. Mess with its iconic detailing too much and it loses its signature DNA; approach it half-heartedly and it falls under the radar.

Church’s, one of the most renowned names in British formal footwear, has shown that it’s the master of reinvention by updating its classic brogue in a style that remains traditional in its upper but features a recycled compound sole.

Available in shades of chestnut, chocolate or grey (pictured), the country-inspired shoe has a Carrarmato sole by Vibram, experts in mountaineering rubber outer-soles, meaning it will perform in all weather — proof that function and fashion can find some middle ground.

Brogues with compound Vibram Carrarmato sole £320 by CHURCH’S;

Image: Max Oppenheim