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Here are all the new Christmas films coming to Netflix UK this December

*CHRISTMAS KLAXON* Love Actually is coming to Netflix

Here are all the new Christmas films coming to Netflix UK this December

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is getting totally stuffed, collapsing into a settee and doing absolutely nothing. And the perfect accompaniment to doing nothing is leisurely watching a classic festive film. To make it even easier to see your favourite Christmas movies this year, Netflix are bringing some of the best-loved Yuletide films to their streaming service.

There’s one film in particular that is guaranteed to excite many rom-com fans: Love Actually. That’s right, the 2003 cult film (which inspired a sequel for Red Nose Day earlier this year) is coming to Netflix. But thankfully you don’t have to watch it on a constant loop (even if you want to) because there’s some other great movies like Miracle on 34th Street and Krampus that will be available from next month. 

So here’s a list of the new Christmas movies coming to Netflix this December: 

  1. 1.Love Actually

    Watching Love Actually has become something of a Christmas ritual for many. And even though it has its critics, the wildly popular film is coming to Netflix this December. 

  2. 2.Miracle on 34th Street

    In this 1994 classic, starring Richard Attenborough, a lawyer and a little girl must prove that a man claiming to be Santa Claus is the real thing. 

  3. 3.Krampus

    If you fancy a more frightening Christmas experience, give Krampus a go! (With bonus Adam Scott from Parks and Rec.)

  4. 4.A Christmas Prince

    In this delightfully schmaltzy holiday romance, an American journalist heads to Eastern Europe for Christmas to report on a prince who’s about to be crowned king of his country.

  5. 5.Saving Christmas

    In this child-friendly film, a young boy and his friends launch an investigation to find out the truth about Santa. They discover he’s real and he’s creating toys right in their town.

  6. 6.Holiday Joy

    A shy high school student’s Christmas wish comes true, only it isn’t exactly as wonderful as she’d hoped…

  7. 7.You Can’t Fight Christmas

    In this Christmas comedy, designer Leslie Major is the biggest fan of Christmas ever (well, Santa probably pips her to that crown but other than him). Her most important job every year is decorating the lobby of the famed Chesterton Hotel. As she is on a ladder decorating the tree, she falls into the arms of Edmund James - the grandson of the owner JJ James.

  8. 8.El Camino Christmas

    This dark comedy Netflix original, which hasn’t been released yet, is about a young man who accidentally ends up barricaded in a liquor store with five other people on Christmas Eve. The cast includes Jessica Alba, Tim Allen and Dax Shepard.

And while you’re here, these are some of the best Christmas films that are already available on the streaming service in case you want to get into the festive spirit early:

  1. 1.Jingle All the Way

    A desperate Arnold Schwarzenegger must match wits with a sleazy Santa, a stressed-out mailman and a horde of parents to get his hands a hot new toy on Christmas Eve.

  2. 2.Scrooged!

    A cold-hearted TV exec (Bill Murray) is about to discover the true meaning of Christmas – the hard way – in this spin on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

  3. 3.Deck the Halls

    In this family comedy, an optometrist’s Christmas celebration gets upstaged by a new neighbour who wants to create a holiday display bright enough to be seen from space. Starring Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick and Kristin Davis.

  4. 4.Arthur Christmas

    At Santa Claus’s super-secret toy-making facility, Mr. Claus entrusts his son, Arthur, to carry out an ultra-important Christmas mission. Starring James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy. 

  5. 5.The Night Before

    Three best friends (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie) decide to end their tradition of wild holiday partying – but not before one final drug-fueled Christmas Eve in New York.

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