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This outrageous cheeseburger is made entirely from cheese - and is available to buy

They're very reasonably priced, too

This outrageous cheeseburger is made entirely from cheese - and is available to buy

Remember when you were in primary school and someone told you a hamburger was made out of ham?

Or when you saw a bottle of olive oil and got confused about what baby oil is made from?

Well guess what, someone’s taken that exact principle and made the world’s most literal cheeseburger. Take note, Google.

Naturally, we want to eat it. But not all of it – that would be preposterous. Honestly, anything to distract us from the British public’s unforgivable choice of ‘best cheeses’ is always a bonus at this stage.

Taking cheeseburger to a whole new level

It’s the work of hungryhouse, who have decided to celebrate Christmas by honouring the best non-turkey part of the festive season: ridiculously ostentatious cheeseboards.

The patty is made of camembert, but if you thought that’s the end of the cheese you’d be way off.

The tomatoes are made of Red Leicester, while edam and American cheese make up the lettuce.

As for the gherkins? Babybel, obviously, along with Stilton relish and onion rings made of smoked German cheese.

The burger is made for four people

At least the bun isn’t made out of cheese too, right? Wrong.

It’s mature cheddar, with mozzarella seeds thrown on top for good measure. If you wanted to, you could probably wash it all down with a cup of cheese tea and some cheesy chips. By which we mean blocks of cheese shaped into chip form, obviously.

The Ultimate Cheese Burger will be available from 29 November for £14.99, and will be delivered by the first day of December. You can order it direct from the hungryhouse shop by emailing

(Images: hungryhouse/iStock)