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Check out these amazing 'Stranger Things' posters inspired by '80s movies

In The Upside Down, no one can hear you scream

Check out these amazing 'Stranger Things' posters inspired by '80s movies
22 September 2017

Hey everyone, Stranger Things is back soon - on the 27th October, to be precise - and that is very exciting for a large chunk of the entire world. So, to drum up some interest (not that it was at all needed), a bunch of new posters have been released that draw on the movies that originally inspired the series. 

Not much point in rambling on about them, because the good thing about posters is, they look good on their own. So here we go, isn’t it:

This one is referencing the Drew Barrymore starring Stephen King adaptation, Firestarter, from 1984.

Here’s one riffing on Alien, from 1979.

That’s Evil Dead, from 1981, there.

Bit of Jaws action, from waaaay back in 1975.

Yes, correct, one of the greatest films ever, The Running Man, from 1987.

Lovely homage to 1985’s A Nightmare On Elm Street, from the late Wes Craven.

Great take on Stand By Me from 1987, here.

And finally, the classic The Goonies, from 1985.

Top stuff, marketing team, well done - sack off early for a couple of beers, you have my express permission.

And as for you, reader, in the meantime, why not tide yourself over with some of this.