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Celebrate Bob Marley's 75th Birthday with these sustainable ANC buds

House of Marley's latest offering would satisfy the Small Axe hit-maker.

Celebrate Bob Marley's 75th Birthday with these sustainable ANC buds
Danielle de Wolfe
06 February 2020

Today marks the 75th birthday of the late, great Bob Marley - and what better way to celebrate than for his eponymous brand, House of Marley, to launch the world’s first sustainably-minded ANC true wireless earbuds.

Well, it had to be something vaguely musical and do its bit for the planet now, didn’t it?

Named Redemption ANC, the buds are described as highly-renewable due to the fact they’re crafted from a combination of bamboo and recycled Regrind silicone.

The buds claim to offer 7 hours of playback time (reduced to 5 hours with ANC turned on), a figure that is upped by 20 hours when you take the charge case into consideration.

And they’re pretty good looking buds if we do say so ourselves.

Celebrate Bob Marley's 75th Birthday with these sustainable ANC buds

A nod to Marley, the king of the protest song, the launch of the eco-inspired earbuds also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the audio brand.

Created in collaboration with the Marley family, House of Marley aims to create a greener alternative to all-plastic audio products.

The Redemption ANCs are created using socially responsible materials, upcycled fabrics, recycled silicone from post-consumer waste, and FSC certified wood.

Even the case has been thoughtfully considered, created using wood derivatives such as sawdust and cast off plastic fibres to create a wood fibre composite.

OK, so it’s not 100% sustainable, but in an audio field packed with plastic offerings, it’s time a brand stepped up to the plate with something of a sustainable compromise.

As for the sound? The buds claim to have a passive seal ensuring active noise cancellation, while triple tapping them turns off the ANC. It’s a definite step-up from their first true wireless Liberate Air offering.

They also come complete with a PX4 rating, meaning they’re sweat-proof and weather-resistant, handy if you're not planning to Stop The Rain anytime soon.

Retailing at £179.99, the buds aren’t cheap, but then again saving the planet never is. You can grab yourself a pair from the House of Marley website now.