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Can you name all the remaining 'Game of Thrones' characters?

They're not all dead quite yet...

Can you name all the remaining 'Game of Thrones' characters?
14 July 2017

Next week finally sees the return of Game of Thrones, and we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a huge congratulations to everyone who’s made it to the penultimate season in one piece. 

Cersei managed to obliterate half of Westeros before her slightly unconventional coronation in the ridiculous season 6 finale, but there are still plenty of contenders for that Iron Throne, as well of a host of supporting characters with their own unresolved storylines. 

Memory refreshing time: we want you to name them all. 

The rules:

  • We’ll accept first names and popular nicknames, so no need to get every last letter correct.
  • Dragons don’t count, because they’re dragons. Nor do direwolves.
  • Characters such as Randyll Tarly and the Karstarks have been omitted, because they’ve only appeared fleetingly in the show so far and we just can’t see the writers squeezing them back in.
  • So, you’re essentially after characters who have popped up more than a few times and hold some sort of significance.
  • We’ve already given you one of them.

Got it? Off you go then. You have eight minutes.