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Bryan Cranston has joined the new Power Rangers film

You're goddamn right

Bryan Cranston has joined the new Power Rangers film
22 June 2016

Bryan Cranston is a man with a considerable range of acting skills. He has prodigious depth. It's fair to say he's capable of morphing himself into any character thrown at him. That he's mighty morphin'. 

See where we're going with this?

Bryan "We miss Breaking Bad" Cranston has joined Lionsgate's big-money Power Rangers reboot. Cranston and the official Rangers account revealed the casting on Twitter, sparking some predictably brilliant reactions. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the world of Power Rangers (we're not sure we can be friends any more), Zordon is a disembodied floating holographic head that acts as the mentor of the Power Rangers team.

While the new Power Rangers have switched their look from Lycra to a mean armoured superhero look, there's no word on whether Cranston's character will receive a similar upgrade from this...

We can but hope...

Power Rangers is set to arrive on 24 March 2017