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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has been saved after internet outrage

Well who'd have thought

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has been saved after internet outrage
Tom Victor
11 May 2018

Looking around Twitter, you’d be surprised to learn Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s viewing figures weren’t all that.

The police comedy is responsible for some of the internet’s best bank of reaction gifs, while fans have spoken highly of the diversity and representation of the show.

However, the numbers don’t reflect this: just one episode of the current fifth season hit the two-million viewer mark, a figure lower than the worst-performing episodes in seasons one and two, and broadcaster Fox has moved to end its run.

But, STOP PRESS, because US network NBC has now picked it up for a sixth series. A 13-episode run will now air next year following a torrent of outrage from the internet after its initial axing.

In a statement, NBC Entertainment’s Chairman Robert Greenblatt said: “Ever since we sold this show to Fox I’ve regretted letting it get away, and it’s high time it came back to its rightful home.”

It was clear from the immediate reactions to the news that Fox had cancelled the show that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has some very devoted fans. And some very famous ones.

The news came at the same time we learned Rick and Morty will be renewed for a further 70 episodes, and while there’s some crossover between their respective fandoms, plenty have their preferences.    

Co-creators Dan Goor and Mike Schur responded to the support, with Schur sharing some of the tweets from fans and Goor personally thanking those who have backed the show or called for its renewal.

The show has produced some unforgettable tension…

Some iconic characters…

And memorable musical numbers.

And thanks to NBC we’ll get to enjoy it for a little while longer at least.

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