This is how much Brussels want you to pay every time you visit Europe after Brexit

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Harvey Day
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Proposals drawn up by EU officials could make it much more expensive for Brits to travel to the continent after Brexit 

We’ve not got long now until the garbage fire, otherwise known as Brexit, comes hurtling into our lives. 29 March, 2019, to be exact.

And yet we still don’t have final answers on crucial questions like the future of British trade, the Northern Irish border or the position of Brits living in the EU. But don’t worry, there’s obviously total faith that this shockingly organised Tory government can sort things out. When you think of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis you of course only think of one thing: competence.

And another area of post-EU life that still hasn’t been hammered out is what we’re going to have to do (and pay) to travel to the continent in the future.

Under draft plans drawn up by the European Commission, once Britain is no longer in the European Union Brits might have to pay £50 for a travel visa.

The proposal is among a list of amendments to laws and regulations in a document entitled ‘Pending and planned legislative proposals for the purposes of Brexit preparedness’ that was presented by the European Commission’s Secretary-General, Martin Selmayr, to MEPs last week, according to Politico.


EU official Martin Selmayr announced the proposal

If this £50 paperwork fee is introduced it would significantly raise the price of a cheap trip down to Spain, for example, that Brits have become so familiar with. In fact, we could end up paying more for a visa than for a flight. (Easyjet offers flights from London to Malaga for as little as twenty quid).

This is just one option currently being considered by the Brexit negotiators and the hope is that a deal might be agreed upon that allows for visa-free travel to Europe. But, as yet, we still don’t have any firm details.

Brits already have to pay for visas to enter other countries around the world including Egypt (£18), Turkey (£14) and the US (£9).

As soon as we get any more info we’ll be sure to let you know. 

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