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Boyfriend fakes his own abduction to hide fling

Hell hath no fury

Boyfriend fakes his own abduction to hide fling

A Canadian man is behind bars after cheating on his lady and faking abduction at gunpoint to get away with it.

Jason Laperriere took a woman home and proceeded to do the bad (badder?) thing. CNews reports that he then asked the woman to text his girlfriend that he had been confronted and forced into a car at gunpoint over a $12,000 drug debt (they were doing drugs at the time. Classy).

Laperriere followed up with his own phone call to his girlfriend making the same claim, adding he was pistol whipped and driven around for a couple of hours as his "attackers" tried to find out where he lived.

The girlfriend called North Bay cops, and Laperriere eventually turned up and also gave a statement to police, including two names, which triggered a Canada-wide warning to police about armed and dangerous suspects.

Jason will spend between 4 and 6 months in the big house. He was banned from having any contact with his ex, which he ignored by calling her from behind bars and asking if they could get back together. She declined.

Via: Cnews / Image: Rex


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