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Blood Brother discuss the inspiration behind their new LFWM collection

A quick Q&A with the cult London label's co-founder

Blood Brother discuss the inspiration behind their new LFWM collection
05 June 2017

Founded in 2011, London fashion label Blood Brother has garnered a lot of attention. Founded by Nick Biela and James Waller, recent collections have seen them take on typical British counter-culture with an enthusiasm for patchwork of references – punk tartan and rocker jackets, hardcore lettering and rave-y orange trousering – that has always avoided tipping into cliche and kitsch.

Oh, and they decked out Anderson .Paak for our recent ShortList cover shoot – so that’s no bad thing, either...

“We are lucky to have such a rich and varied culture in the UK,” they told HighSnobiety last year. “We’re both steeped in history yet also progressive as a culture… There is so much to discover when exploring inspiration for a collection, from the physical to the social to the political machinations of a particular subject, we look for inspiration at every angle.”

We caught up with Biela to see what was making the brand tick this time round, as London Fashion Week Men’s looms…


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A peak at the moodboard of Blood Brother's new collection

How would you describe the concept behind this collection? 

The collection is called LOGIN and is an abstract look at our immediate future and the way we are currently treating and subsequently destroying our planet. With the rise of tech, it will not be long before we will have to disappear online to seek what we desire...

What have been your influences for the collection?

Nineties office-wear as well as vintage technology and how we engaged with now-obsolete products.

Nick Biela, creative director and founder of Blood Brother

How does the collection compare to Blood Brother’s previous work?

We are extremely positive about our new collection and cannot wait for the weekend –  [the collection] has a playful theme and we have really enjoyed bringing the clothes to life with the models, set, and music choices.

What would you say is the key piece (and why)?

I think the key piece is a red suede fringed western jacket – it’s a piece that signifies summer hedonism  – which of course can be found when you LOGIN at “BBCORP's” “HAVEN” and lose yourself.

What are Blood Brother trying to achieve in menswear right now?

We want to bring concepts and themes to wearable clothing. Men’s clothing should be approachable but at the same time have substance, we feel that we can provide that for the guys that care about product.

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