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Drake-favourite Liam Hodges tells us all about his new LFWM show

Started from the bottom, now he's here

Drake-favourite Liam Hodges tells us all about his new LFWM show

He’s designed items for Drake and Stormzy – including some cracking gear for the latter’s ‘Big For Your Boots’ video – and Liam Hodges has quickly gone on to become, along with Craig Green, one of the key voices in contemporary British streetwear. 

Creating pieces that play with constructs like sexuality, race, age, social stature and gender - all while remaining approachable and wearable for the (above) average joe - Hodges’ character-driven approach has since had collaborations with Topman’s MAN runway projects and his prowess, combined with his distinctive gapped teeth thanks to a crash on his bicycle with a bus on East London’s Kingsland Road, has not gone unrecognised elsewhere. 

We caught up with Liam Hodges ahead of his new show to see what’s up.

How would you describe the concept behind this collection?

I guess we are expanding the brand’s wardrobe again, building on our narrative of the last few seasons and really just growing with our customer in the present. There’s a bit of a “coming of age” about this collection, with a sense of naivety and play.

What have been your influences for the collection?

We have been looking a lot at how people dress in different situations building on the garments we use to tell our story. We looked a lot at the art work of [French punk art collective] Bazooka along with [renowned photomontage artist] Peter Kennard.

The cover of "La perversita" by Hector Zazou, J-L Hennig, and Bazooka; designed by Bazooka's Kiki Picasso

How does the collection compare to your previous work?

It’s a continuation and development, as a brand we are trying to take our customer on a journey, we are not trying to change each season but develop and communicate new ideas. We introduce new product lines and continue to build the brand identity.

What would you say is the key piece (and why)?

For us the padded overcoat is definitely key; it sums up the collection nicely – with the padded vest on top, as we grow up and push forwards we need to be equipped.

What are you trying to achieve in menswear right now?

I'm trying to make aspirational clothes for like-minded individuals who value ideas and design rather than glitz and glamour; we try to maintain a sense of authenticity to our work. It’s all based in my idea of reality.

Visit Liam Hodge’s website here