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David Schwimmer has posted a hilarious response to the 'Ross from Friends' thief appeal

Ross Geller has a lookalike, and it isn't Russ

David Schwimmer has posted a hilarious response to the 'Ross from Friends' thief appeal
Tom Victor
25 October 2018

If you’re going to commit a crime and attempt to get away with it, it probably helps not to have a particularly distinctive face.

It certainly helps not to look exactly like one of the most famous TV characters in history.

Ross Geller is as recognisable as they come, and that was true even before the Friends character predicted a Black Mirror plotline. So recognisable, you could say, that, ahem, he wouldn’t even need those bright teeth for us to be able to pick him out of a line-up.

So, yes, if you’re going to embark on a bit of criminal activity and happen to look exactly like Ross from Friends, you’ll probably be caught when a search goes out for a criminal who looks exactly like Ross from Friendsand the internet then reacts in the only way it knows how. 

Police in Blackpool are on the lookout for a man suspected of stealing from a restaurant in the Lancashire town, and have put out an appeal with a photo of the suspect. 

With some of these cases, the individual in question has few distinguishing features and may therefore be difficult to identify. However this guy, and we can’t stress this enough, looks exactly like Ross from Friends.

Naturally, as soon as people spotted the resemblance the jokes started coming in, to the point that it feels as though their tweets should have a laugh track.

Local police have confirmed the real David Schwimmer was not in the UK (which is good because he was briefly our only suspect), but actor went one step further toward claiming his innocence by posting this brilliant video on Twitter:

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a spot of confusion relating to the American actor.

When a different David Schwimmer was named CEO of the London Stock Exchange, we were treated to a similar run of gags.

If anyone has information on the alleged crime definitely contact [email protected] or drop Blackpool Police a message on Facebook.

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