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Black Mirror set to return: a 'cinematic' season 6 is in the works

Get ready for more Netflix-tinged dystopia.

Black Mirror set to return: a 'cinematic' season 6 is in the works

Dystopian TV series Black Mirror is gearing up for a sixth season, with the original creators back on board.

This is according to Variety, which has got the scoop that after a three-year hiatus, Black Mirror is back and scripts for the new episodes of the show are currently being written.

It's been three long years since Black Mirror ended its fifth season. That means the show ended before the real world got that little more bleak with pandemics, Brexits and wars.

While original creator Charlie Brooker has questioned our current appetite for dystopia, given the world is the way it is right now - he said in the Radio Times in 2020, "I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart" - he is said to be back on board.

Black Mirror is back

Brooker's involvement has always been key to making Black Mirror work. With his creative partner Annabel Jones, they are the DNA backbone of Black Mirror.

A recent move away from their production company House of Tomorrow and into a new company backed by Netflix, meant that the rights to Black Mirror had to be renegotiated and a new licensing deal created. This finally looks to have happened.

Both Brooker and Jones certainly haven't been twiddling their thumbs during this time. We've had two Death To... year round-ups on Netflix, one-off spoof doc Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! and a new 'choose your own adventure' cartoon called Cat Burglar.

Fans of Black Mirror, though, will be happy that the team are back making episodes for the show.

As for those episodes, Variety has been told that each one will be "cinematic" in its approach, with each episode "treated like a separate film", which makes a lot of sense given the high production values of previous seasons.

As this isn't official news as such, a Black Mirror: Season 6 release date has not yet been revealed.